vrijdag 23 april 2010

Sunshine award

Today I received this award
from sweet sweet Luiza
& her blog Feelings
Thank you so much Luiza!

Go check out all her sweetness, here

5 reacties:

Op 9 mei 2010 om 01:49 , Blogger Mary Ann zei...

saskia, always a pleasure to see you in my blog..you are such a sweetheart...and more awardssss? congratulations! have a happy mother's day!

Op 26 juni 2010 om 00:26 , Blogger Diana Mieczan zei...

Ohhh yuppie...Well done sweetie:) I am so happy for you! Have a wonderful weekend,darling:)

Op 10 juli 2010 om 09:49 , Blogger Veeronica234 zei...

thank you for your comment.xx

Op 19 augustus 2010 om 02:31 , Blogger MT Days & Nights zei...

congrats on that!!

Op 29 augustus 2010 om 10:40 , Blogger Glenys zei...

Congratulations. How did you win this? I want one too!


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